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Outsourcing Solutions

Committed to increasing your company bottom line Harptec BAU Services allows the business to support and develop applications at significant cost reductions without compromising the business service.

Once up and running the company needs maintain existing services, finding new customers and strategise for growth of the bottom line. Managing IT across organisation can be expensive and resource consuming. Harptec BAU services give your company the power of a fully dedicated IT team when you need it. It couldn't be simpler. Use resources as your require them and no more, yet never worry that those resources will walk away. We're open for service around the clock for our clients. Our highly skilled, methodical and professional application development capabilities give you the IT horsepower you need to ensure your business can react when you need it. Simple press the pedal. As a established, fully staffed and managed software development company we are able to brief, assist with establishing the detailed requirements and then deliver the solution you require on-time and on-budget.
Our skill matrix of technologies and products ensure we have the ability to deliver the right solution given your need.
Large Scale Software Systems Inventory Systems Websites Automation Tools Ecommerce Systems EPoS Adaptors FIX Connectivity Systems
C# Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick
ASP.Net Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick
MVC Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick
JavaScript Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick
Java Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick
JSON Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick Ok tick
Python Ok tick

Harptec seeks to offer a full spectrum software service that means you have a one stop shop for all your needs. This simplifies the management of technology for you and allows us to offer a complete solution, giving you the control to apply those solutions to your business.

Our team is a mix of experienced project managers, talented developers, creative designers and accurate QA analyst. Our diversified skills are brought together by a passion to deliver high value technology for our clients, and makes our job fun!

A full helpdesk capability delivering on-going support services to our customers, either directly to end-users, or as a Tier-2 to your existing helpdesk service. This service ensures that your application remains fully supported by our team against an agreed SLA that is appropriate for your specific business.

Ultimately we prove our value to customers through problem solving. We are keen listeners when we hear a need and passionate about solving problems well. We'd like to earn your trust through proving ourselves to be a reliable partner of your business.

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