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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Brochure

Brochures are the oldest and most reliable marketing strategy. A well designed brochure can help you make leads, however, a poorly designed brochure finds its way into the trash. Here are some simple tips that will help you make great brochures.

  1. Decide the kind of brochure you need

When you are given the task of designing a brochure make sure you understand your business and target customers thoroughly. This is an essential step because it helps you decide the kind of brochure you need. Your brochure design should match your campaign.

  1. Folds

All brochures need to be folded in some way or the other. Since they will be made in 2D format, it is very essential for you to be imaginative in determining how the folds will affect your design.

  1. Creativity is the key!

When you know your campaign and target audience it is time to play with colors. Let your creative juices flow through your veins and onto the canvas. A unique brochure will keep your potential clients engaged. Use bold designs wherever necessary and be subtle if you want a classy and professional look for your brochure.

  1. Be precise

Some of us tend to get carried away with the content. Make sure you keep your content precise yet interesting to keep your readers engaged. Your content should complement the design of your brochure. Do not write long essays that seem to drag at some point.

  1. Make appropriate printing choices

Brochures can be printed on various paper weights. Lower weights are cheaper but it also affects the final look of the brochure. For corporate brochures heavy paper weight gives a more polished look. Paper weights, binding and folding will have an effect on the look of your brochure.

There are plenty of templates available on the internet these days that makes it easy even for non-designers to create beautiful brochures. So just get out there and start exploring!

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