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Testing in coding phase

Testing is very necessary in any field because even a small error can cause havocs! Be it software or any other field, testing is essential before delivering the product to the client.

Here are some tips that will help you in testing a system.

  1. Check if the code is consistent with design:
    Check if the code is written as per the coding standards, and that it follows all algorithms properly. Check if the modular structure of the program is maintained and I/O handling is done.
  2. Testing should be done systematically:
    A plan should be made as to how testing has to be carried out and it should be done as per that. It makes tasks easy and helps organize testing efforts. If errors are found in some part of the code and if changes are made, the modified code should be rerun and checked for errors if any.
  3. Test tools should be used wherever necessary:
    A tester should be familiar with various test tools and compilers available on the system. The choice of test tool depends on what language is used from making the system.
  4. Stress testing should be done:
    The system should be exposed to conditions in which the resources are either overwhelmed or taken away from the system. Both positive and negative results should be noted.
  5. Test one unit at a time:
    Do not rush into testing the entire system at a time. Divide it into logical units and check each individual unit for errors.
  6. Determine when to stop:
    If the errors are still found every time the code is run, the testers should continue with the testing process.

Software testing depends on the cost of an error. Some difficult and significant functions require more testing.

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