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Is the search engine that you are using the best one?

Search engines have made our lives so simple. Any keyword we enter, we get information about it at our fingertips in a few Nano seconds. Did you ever think what makes these search engines so effective? Did you ever try to know if your search engine is the most efficient or not? Well, it’s okay if you have not because this article is all about that.

Best Search Engine

So, the answer to what makes the database of a good search engine is as follows:

  1. Size of the database: For a search engine to be effective, a large database is required. You should be able to search major part of the web with that search engine.
  2. Is the data up to date?: The database should be refreshed to find new pages from time to time and the crawlers or spiders should keep their copies of websites updated.
  3. Is it fast?: Can your search engine deliver fast results? An ideal search engine should answer to any query quickly.
  4. Consistency: A search engine should show consistent results. These results should not vary from time to time.
  5. Ignore spelling mistakes: Sometimes a user may misspell a word. The search engine should show results for the nearest appropriate word.
  6. Assume conjunctions when necessary: Users have a tendency of entering only keywords for the search. A good search engine should assume keyword ‘and’ between words.
  7. Popular ones at the top: The results that are displayed should be based on popularity. Popular results should be at the top of list.
  8. Keywords should be highlighted: The keywords that you mentioned while searching, should be highlighted in the results displayed.
  9. Relevant results should be at the top: The results that are displayed on the top of list should be based on the keywords that the user has entered.

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