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Why is JOOMLA preferred so much?

Joomla is a free and open source content management system for publishing web content which had its inception back in 2005. It is written in PHP and is built on MVC (model-view-controller) framework. It uses various object oriented programming concepts and techniques. It is compatible with database like MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQ. It includes different types of features like page caching, RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs and language internationalization.

Why is JOOMLA preferred so much?

  1. No technical expertise required

It is necessary for a website or application to be user friendly because not all users will be belonging to a technical background. JOOMLA provides a very simple technical system to operate the portal on frontend and backend. There are various built in themes which allow easy customization.

  1. An interactive community

JOOMLA web portal allows us to interact and communicate with an infinite number of members. It is beneficial for any business whether small scale or large.

  1. Beneficial to developers

Joomla is built using MVC design pattern, which is a good news for developers because it allows the developers to concentrate more on development rather than worrying about how it would look in the front-end.

  1. Cost efficient

Online portals are expensive and they require higher maintenance in the long run. Everyone is moving to Joomla for developing online portals because of its low developing and maintenance cost. Joomla also wins over other online portal development systems in terms of features and benefits. 

  1. Security

Joomla provides highest security to its users. The security system can be customized as per specific requirements. Websites, and web portals with Joomla content management system can be secured against hackers by making simple changes. This is why the developers do not require additional security systems for Joomla sites.

  1. Easy management

The administrative interface allows the users to operate on intranet or internet easily. Joomla sites have shopping carts integrated in them which makes it easy and less time consuming compared to other CMSs. After the site is ready to use the administrator can control each component of the website.


Joomla sites and applications are highly responsive and compatible with different web browsers and operating systems. What makes Joomla so user friendly is its extendibility and growth over the years. It is the modern world CMS that the technological world needs today.


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