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Getting outsourcing right

Outsourcing saves millions globally in IT costs. Using developers in less expensive markets can obviously be more productive but it’s not as simple as that. Why?

Agility and speed are now more essential to a business than ever, and teams needs to be custom fit. Harptec is offering bespoke software teams, at cost efficiencies and therefore achieving better results for business.

The need for speed

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Silicon Valley strategist counts speed as his first principle. His famous line is that ‘If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late.”

Linkedin Co-founder - Reid Hoffman

To be at the sharp edge of innovation, to get to market first or to steal a march on your competitors, software needs to be developed fast. It can be rolled out and then iterated afterwards where necessary.

There’s also a cost benefit to pace. By releasing fast, agile iterations of software, the cost of change is kept low. Rather than cumbersome, process heavy monolithic software, you have dynamic and nimble apps and platforms that can easily be changed and developed according to market demands.

Leading enterprises are already focusing on pace. Vodafone recently built an intelligent maps app in three weeks. Daimler built its Mercedes Me app with Pivotal to focus on minimal development cycles. Apple’s operating systems are built fast and then updated regularly and Amazon updates its retail platform every 11 seconds.

To achieve this speed Harptec has invested in fast clean interfaces that means clients have a close, agile and flexible fit with the development team.  With a focus on speed, the business case for getting offshore development is more compelling then ever.

A close-knit team is now vital

The world is standardising faster than ever.  Working with a global focus point for software solutions means you benefit from knowledge derived across many hot emerging industries and countries.

Effective collaboration is borne out of the constituent parts of a team working closely, instantly and reactively. This happens with understanding that comes with quick iterative cycles of development.  Once established the key is to maintain the components working, and not to seek economies of scale.

Harptec teams are kept tight.  With his ‘two pizza’ theory, Jeff Bezos claims teams should not be bigger than a number which could be fed by two pizzas. This helps to stay decentralised, move fast, and encourage high autonomy and innovation.

Finally, a development team that is servicing a global community has objectivity that can be both unique and insightful for all its customers.  It’s being fed the latest ideas and thinking from around the globe.  This provides a greater skills repository available to any single client.  Quite simply, the client and can more.

Efficiency is Crucial to Business

Productivity achieved from outsourcing is simply unparalleled.  Through efficient experience resources one can achieve the same output at a more efficient price point.  How can you compete with a competitor who has a 30% saving on his cost base that he passes onto clients?

What is the solution?

To create software that can be built fast, adapted quickly to the market, and iterated at low cost, software has to be built through effective remote teams. Like all things the market is discerning.

Finding an outsourcing partner is easy, finding the right one is a bit more work.  Focus on teams that have:

  • Proven experience with major organisations
  • Small and dedicated units
  • A focus on communication

Harptec Software can offer this package to you, amazing productivity and high quality output.


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