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What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is an important part of online marketing. Landing page is the 1st page a visitor ‘lands’ on your website. Landing page gives your visitors a brief overview of your intended goal. A good landing page targets specific audience. With a landing page you can create something that is of value and convert maximum visitors to leads.

Types of landing pages:

  1. Click through landing pages

These pages are created with the goal of redirecting the visitors to some of the functionalities that your primary web application/website provides. Take an example of the landing page of an e-commerce website. A click takes you either to the shopping cart or registration page. The advantage of this landing page is that the user is redirected to places where you want him to go. If he finds them interesting, you have a chance of him getting converted into a lead.

  1. Lead generation landing pages

The purpose of lead generation landing pages is to collect user information like their name, email id, phone number etc. with sole purpose of letting them know about your services as and when applicable. In exchange for their information you can provide them with an e-brochure or newsletter. If you have an electronic retail store you may offer them some discount coupon. Other benefits that can help you generate leads are a free trial of your service, webinar, a free gift etc. 

Landing Page Example

Advantages of landing pages:

  1. A great marketing platform: Landing page serves as a single platform to let your visitors know about what you do and what your services and products are.
  2. Coming Soon…. In order to create a sense of anticipation in the minds of your visitors you can create a landing page that shows “Coming soon” or “Under construction”. This way they will be curious to know about your business and will definitely visit your site when you go live.
  3. Affiliate marketing: There is a difference between Home page and landing page. A home page is made to link to several pages in your website while your landing page is the one which lures the visitor to click on a link that will redirect them to your main website.
  4. More profit: Without landing pages all other efforts will become baseless. It will be a waste of time and money because the marketer will not have enough funds to maintain the website.

Conclusion: The earlier you realize how important the investment on landing page is the sooner you can start earning bucks on your investment.

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